Is It Possible to Ship Packages Using FlixBus?

Learn How CrowdSender Offers a New Way of Package Delivery.

In the world of package delivery, where new ideas meet efficiency, CrowdSender stands out as a top platform, offering a fresh perspective to an age-old question: Can packages be sent using FlixBus?

Indeed, CrowdSender lets you send packages via FlixBus by connecting senders with travelers heading in the same direction, turning regular bus trips into a cost-effective and community-driven package delivery network.

Using FlixBus

FlixBus is a German transportation company primarily focused on Germany and nearby countries, with its reach steadily growing.

In 2015, FlixBus expanded its long-distance routes to cover France, Italy, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Croatia, along with services to Norway, Spain, and the UK.

By 2018, the company entered the railway industry with FlixTrain and expanded to the United States, operating in 41 countries globally.

Now, CrowdSender has smartly tapped into FlixBus routes to introduce an innovative approach to package delivery.

History of FlixBus Regarding Item Delivery

FlixBus has previously explored package and luggage shipping services but faced challenges. Further research is ongoing to understand past issues.

Addressing Concerns and Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is crucial for improvement. CrowdSender ensures security and safety with robust measures. Packages are insured for up to 150€ for free, with additional options available. While package tracking isn’t currently offered, it may be introduced based on customer demand. Customer support is easily accessible via email or the app for dispute resolution.

Advantages of Using CrowdSender

  • Cost-Effective Logistics

CrowdSender utilizes FlixBus infrastructure, providing a cost-effective alternative to traditional courier services. Senders save on delivery costs, while drivers earn extra income by carrying packages during planned bus trips.

  • Seamless Integration with FlixBus Travel Plans

Senders and drivers can seamlessly integrate delivery needs with FlixBus travel plans. Whether for same-day delivery or scheduled drop-offs, CrowdSender’s platform offers flexibility to align package deliveries with FlixBus’ schedule.

  • Environmental Responsibility

By using FlixBus shipping routes, CrowdSender promotes sustainable and eco-friendly package delivery, aligning with growing environmental awareness.

How CrowdSender Works: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Search or post a request
  2. Choose a shipment or traveler
  3. Discuss details and price
  4. Confirm delivery and pay

Sender Perspective

Start a delivery request on the CrowdSender platform. Describe the package, when it needs to be delivered, and where it should go. Connect with FlixBus travelers who can carry packages. Collect the item and verify it with a picture. Deliver the item and verify it again with a picture. Confirm payment using a special code to pay the driver. Receive the invoice in the app.

Driver Perspective

Check available delivery requests on the CrowdSender app. Pick deliveries that match your FlixBus trips. Earn money by carrying packages on FlixBus routes and delivering them to specified spots. Collect the item and confirm with a photo. Receive payment through the CrowdSender app. Once dropped off, confirm delivery with another picture.

Customer Perspective

For example, a sender initiates a delivery request, specifies package details, and connects with available travelers. Drivers browse delivery requests, choose those aligned with their planned journeys, and earn money by transporting packages.

Future Expansion Plans

CrowdSender plans to GoLive in April 2024, transitioning from beta. Interested individuals can sign up to test the service and join the testing group by providing their email. Plans for future expansion and service enhancements demonstrate CrowdSender’s commitment to growth and improvement.


CrowdSender leads a significant change in package delivery in 2024, leveraging the vast FlixBus network.

CrowdSender has transformed ordinary bus travel into a dynamic package delivery network, enabling package shipping via FlixBus.


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