CrowdSender: A Cheap and Stress-Free Way for Expats to Send Packages in Germany

Navigating the complexities of sending packages can be daunting, but CrowdSender offers an affordable and stress-free solution tailored for ex-pats in Germany.

This innovative platform simplifies package delivery logistics while fostering a sense of community among expatriates.

Let’s explore how ex-pats can send packages hassle-free in Germany with CrowdSender.

Redefining Affordability:

CrowdSender’s cost-effective approach leverages existing travel routes, enabling ex-pats to send items at a fraction of the cost of traditional courier services. By connecting with drivers heading in the same direction, ex-pats can take advantage of shared journeys to significantly reduce delivery expenses, making it an appealing and economical choice.

Seamless and Stress-Free Process:

Sending packages through CrowdSender is a straightforward and stress-free experience for ex-pats. Expatriates can create delivery requests using an intuitive interface, specifying package details, delivery preferences, and desired drop-off locations. The platform then matches them with available drivers, ensuring a reliable delivery process.

Building Community Connections:

Beyond its cost-effectiveness, CrowdSender facilitates a sense of community among ex-pats in Germany. Through shared journeys and collaborative efforts, ex-pats can engage with other users delivering packages, share experiences, and forge meaningful connections in their new environment.

How CrowdSender Works for Ex-Pats:

  1. Search or Post a Request: Ex-pats can browse available shipment requests or post their own, detailing package specifics and delivery preferences.
  2. Choose a Shipment or Traveler: Ex-pats can select from available shipments or travelers based on ratings and verification status, ensuring trust and reliability.
  3. Discuss Details and Price: Once a potential match is found, ex-pats and travelers finalize delivery details through discussions, agreeing on a mutually beneficial price.
  4. Confirm Delivery and Pay: Ex-pats confirm the delivery arrangement with the chosen traveler, and payment is seamlessly processed through the platform, ensuring security and simplicity.


CrowdSender’s tailored process caters to the unique needs of expatriates, offering a cost-effective and hassle-free solution while fostering community interaction.

Receiving a Package in Germany:

Receiving packages in Germany may differ from what ex-pats are accustomed to. With multiple mail carriers, deliveries occur daily, Monday through Saturday. Apartments typically lack numerical identifiers, so delivery personnel rely on matching names on packages with those on mailboxes or doorbells.

For larger packages or those requiring a signature, ex-pats may need to buzz delivery personnel into buildings, possibly signing electronically to complete the delivery.

Platform Functionality:

CrowdSender operates by matching senders with drivers who are already traveling in the same direction, optimizing travel routes and reducing costs. Payment transactions are handled securely through the platform, ensuring peace of mind for both parties. Additionally, CrowdSender prioritizes delivery security by implementing robust verification measures and offering insurance options for added protection.

Why CrowdSender is Ideal for Expats:

Expatriates often face challenges with bureaucratic processes in Germany, such as long wait times at the post office and difficulties with sending large items. CrowdSender addresses these pain points by offering a quick, flexible, and cost-effective alternative. Expats can avoid the hassle of traditional shipping methods and enjoy a simplified approach to package delivery.

Potential Challenges:

While CrowdSender offers numerous benefits, expatriates may encounter challenges such as language barriers or concerns about package safety. To mitigate these issues, the platform provides multilingual support and implements strict safety protocols. Additionally, users can communicate directly with drivers to ensure clear understanding and trust throughout the delivery process.

Practical Tips:

To maximize the effectiveness of CrowdSender, expatriates can take practical steps such as ensuring proper packaging, reaching out to neighbors or local communities for assistance, or even suggesting CrowdSender to local businesses for package delivery needs. These proactive measures can enhance the overall experience and streamline the shipping process.


CrowdSender revolutionizes package delivery for ex-pats in Germany, offering a low-cost and convenient option for mailing goods. This unique platform combines affordability, convenience, and community engagement, transforming package delivery into an opportunity for shared travels and meaningful friendships in a new country.


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